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I'm still new to the fandom but the Arashi fandom makes me feel at home so I'm really happy.

Yatta, it's the first time to post a birthday post for Arashi (my ichiban). First year to celebrate Matsujun's birthday though this day was quite hectic for me. it's time to enjoy the King's Birthday Tanjoubi Omedetou Matsujun. (^з^)-☆
Hope you enjoy your day.
Please. Please. Stop scaring me with your important announcement in your radio show junstyle. Your giving me a heart attack.

Love lots Animeadiktus08

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Because I am bored today; I'll be introducing myself here. Yay o(^▽^)o.

I'm Camille. I'm 22yo. I grew up in the Philippines but moved to Canada together with my sister and mom. Though I've been living here for years now; I'm still fluent in Filipino. Like my username:animeadiktus08, I like watching anime and reading manga. I've tried learning basic Japanese but failed to do so because of lack of time and patience by self studying.

As for being in the arashi fandom. I could say that I've seen matsujun in most of the jdrama that I coincidentally watching but I never realized that he is actually on a group. So when I googled his name 嵐 had pop up under his name. d(^_^o). As I remember the first song I randomly played was carry on. Then I actually liked the beat of the song; which is rather surprising because I'm very picky to everything that I like. That's the reason why I decided to open an account in LJ then there we go I've watch 10yrs worth of arashi episodes in 11months of being in the fandom. Yes I'm a newbie so please be nice to me. m(_ _)m

I get easily bored, like now. I almost gave up finishing this post lol.

Hmmmm..... I'm out of ideas to write. ask me anything I'll definitely answer if I know how to answer it lol.

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I bought a minimum arashi (Matsumoto Jun) last May12. And it's already what July 13; still I haven't received it yet. (T ^ T) I know it's a bad decision using SAL, yes it's cheaper but it's really "unreliable" if buying something from another part of the world. I paid like $15-20 for it. I want it nowww....

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